August 2018

Fire and Large Loss Estimating Services

A Professional and Hassle Free Solution

Just like you we want people to keep their promises and keep things simple. We expect something we purchase to be delivered with dedication to best practices, our best interest and professional conduct. This is exactly what you can expect from us through our Xactimate estimation services! For the last decade, CMA has built a nationwide reputation for being the go-to public adjusting firm for fire and large loss estimates.

Our Xactimate estimating service will help you focus on growing your business and signing more deals versus spending too much time working those deals. Our team of Xactimate estimating professionals come from years of experience and a diversity of roles within the insurance restoration industry including insurance adjusting, construction, and restoration. Moreover, they have integrity and everything written into each Xactimate estimate will maximize every justifiable penny. We have the talent you need to get the job estimated quickly and accurately.

  • Certified Xactimate professionals

    Insurers, loss adjusters, restoration and reconstruction contractors who use Xactimate to estimate repair costs achieve greater speed and accuracy in their claims-handling workflows.

  • Affordable flat fee solution

    Hold tight to your bottom-line by keeping your fee fixed. Let us quote your work and keep it simple for you. Our clients absolutely love this about us!

  • Easy process for quick turn-around

    Our hassle free process makes for a successful and quick turn-around. From the very first internal review and throughout the drafting process we build your custom preferences and deliver a better product time over time.

We’ve given CMA nearly 20 claims over the period of a few weeks following a catastrophic flood that hit our state. They push hard to get our estimates completed quickly so we can keep signing deals and helping people. And their fixed fee is perfect for our bottom-line.

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CMA Now Offers Insurance Appraisals Nationwide

Claim Management Adjusters (CMA), a full-service public adjusting firm committed to helping families and businesses recover from insurable property damage and loss, is expanding its nationwide services to include appraisals for restoration contractors.

“Having served restoration contractors and insureds for nearly a decade, we are confident in adding appraisals to our offerings,” said CMA’s Jeremy Walls. “We know we have the skills, network and processes to add value and get results.”

Established in 2009, CMA is well-versed in the claims and appraisal process. The new appraisal division provides contractors and third-party estimating and supplementing partners a seamless, scalable escalation process for:

  • Roofing Claims
  • Fire & Flood Claims
  • Water Mitigation Claims

With affiliate appraisers located across the U.S., CMA is able to process appraisals at high volume, anywhere in the country—even during large-scale disasters.

When to Bring in an Insurance Appraiser

Oftentimes, an initial insurance claim offer is much lower than is needed to repair the damage. When this happens, the contractor or a third-party claim manager will dispute the offer on behalf of the policyholder and, ideally, reach a formidable settlement. However, in cases where the parties “agree to disagree,” the contractor or claim manager can choose to bring in an appraiser to calculate the amount of loss from a neutral perspective. This is especially helpful for contractors, who prefer to focus on growing their business and serving customers rather than negotiating with insurance companies.

How an Insurance Appraisal Works

An insurance appraisal is a form of alternative dispute resolution—much faster and far less costly than going to court. The appraisal process allows both parties (the insurer and the policyholder) to choose their own independent appraisers. The appraisers then agree on an “umpire” to act as the arbiter before conducting separate appraisals.

The umpire will not be involved if the appraisers can agree to a fair, binding settlement based on their itemized calculations. If they are not able to agree, the umpire is brought in, and the decision agreed to by two of the three parties will stand (again, legally binding).

Why a Public Adjuster Makes a Great Appraiser

As an experienced public adjusting firm, CMA is well-versed in documentation, evaluation, negotiation and other key aspects of insurance disputes. Our appraisers are trained and qualified to analyze, investigate and assess damage from fires, floods and other perils. We are here to support our fellow industry professionals and advocate for the consumers they serve.

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