Hurricane Dorian Damage Assessments, Claim Reviews, and Resources

Hurricane Dorian Damage Assessments, Claim Reviews, and Resources

Was your business or commercial property damaged by Hurricane Dorian?

Have your claim reviewed by Claim Management Adjusters, the Carolinas’ most established public adjusting firm. Our extensive network of restoration, roofing and water mitigation professionals will then work to ensure you are back up and running with as little downtime as possible.

A properly executed damage assessment can help with:

  • Communicating the loss more effectively to the estimator
  • Managing carrier disagreements
  • Educating the insured on the loss incurred
  • Increasing your net profit

Additional benefits of a damage assessment:

  • Clear, accurate scope
  • Leverage during adjustments and disputes
  • A template for future jobs
  • Fewer jobsite visits
  • Increased earnings through supplementing

Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

  • Expertise: Insurance comes with a lot of paperwork and fine print. A public adjuster can help you understand how your policy works, and can also guide you through the necessary steps to complete your claim.
  • Time: Managing your claim can easily become a full-time job. Your public adjuster will spare you from hours of correspondence, documentation and review, so you can focus on regaining a sense of normalcy.
  • Pace: The combination of expertise and availability makes a public adjuster more equipped to expedite the claim filing process. Insurance companies speak their own language, and if you don’t understand it, you might find yourself needing two or more attempts to complete each of their requests.
  • Representation: Without an expert by your side, your insurer will have no reason to believe that you could and would challenge an unjust settlement. Hire a public adjuster to show that you are serious about your claim, and to assist with next steps if your claim is denied.
  • Value: Lastly and most importantly, a public adjuster can recover a sum that truly helps you move forward. A study by the Office of Program and Policy Analysis & Government Accountability in the State of Florida showed that business and homeowner insurance settlements are 747% larger when a public adjuster is involved.

After a catastrophic event such as Hurricane Dorian, a public adjuster is needed more than ever. Insurance companies are handling a high volume of insurance claims in a short period of time, often missing or overseeing important details. Many insurers aren’t even using their own adjusters to handle the workload! Instead, they hire third party providers who then hire 1099 Cat Adjusters. A public adjuster ensures you don’t get caught in this trap.

If your property received damage from Hurricane Dorian, contact Claim Management Adjusters before filing a claim with your insurance company. All you have to do is complete our short form, and you will receive a quick response from one of our experts.

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